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October 18, 2001 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Anderson, Berlin, Dachman, Dillehay, Feinstein, Kalbhen, Korach, Melian, Mintzer, Pinsky, Bahu, Racenstein, Ramsey, Smoron, Vade, and Vyborny

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 P.M. in the Council Room of the Standard Club.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

The minutes of the April 19, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The financial reports of May 1 - September 30, 2001 were reviewed. Income and expense items were as expected.

Program Committee Report

Dr. Racenstein informed that Dr. Tamar Ben-Ami will speak on "Pediatric Chest Sonography" on March 21, 2001 for the resident section meeting instead of Dr. Cathy Rigsby.

CRS Web Site

Dr. Vyborny reported that the CRS web site has been updated. He thanked Janet Kalbhen for helping with the development of the web site. The site includes archival materials from the history of CRS, minutes of the 2001 CRS meetings and lists of past presidents and recipients of Distinguished Service Awards and Grubbe Memorial Awards. Links have been established with ACR and affiliates, radiology teaching files, CME/meetings/ conferences, departments of radiology, employment, journals/publications/news, newsgroups and mailing lists, organizations and federal health agencies. At the business meeting Dr. Vyborny encouraged the CRS members to visit the CRS web site.

Vendor Support Ad Hoc Committee

CRS web site will have links to vendors that supported the CRS golf outing. Dr. Vyborny encouraged members to continue investigating vendor support for CRS meetings.

Dr. Bahu reported that Bracco Diagnostics has agreed to support part of the resident section refreshment costs for the year 2001 - 2002.

Golf Outing

This year's golf outing held on June 28th at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort was attended by 100 people. Planning is under way for the 2002 outing.

Illinois Radiological Society Report

Dr. Ramsey reported that:

  • IRS has allocated money for purchase of one LCD projector for CRS meetings.

  • There will be an IRS scientific meeting on May 18th and 19th of year 2002. Speakers are being lined up for this meeting by Dr. Bertino.

  • RSNA will cease to be the manager for IRS as of October 2001. Bacon-Hedland will be the new managing corporation. Meryl Hedland will be in charge of the Illinois Radiological accounts.

  • Within a short period a home page for IRS web site will be made available.

Fellowship Committee Report

Dr. Smoron announced that Dr. Joseph Parrato was granted the ACR fellowship at the Annual ACR meeting held in September 2001.

Resident Section Report

Dr. Bahu reported that Dr. Scott Pereles will speak on "Cardiac MRI" this afternoon. Resident attendance was expected to be low because of written boards were postponed this year to October 18th and 19th.

Old Business

Dr. Vyborny announced that the Memorial Award would be presented to Dr. Harvey Neiman at the dinner meeting.

New Business

Having no further business, the Executive Committee adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Aruna Vade, M.D., FACR

Dinner was served to 57 people. While desert was being served, Dr. Vyborny conducted a brief business meeting. He then introduced Dr. Richard Mintzer, who introduced Dr. Harvey Neiman who gave the lecture "Radiology: State of the Profession."

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