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October 17, 2002 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Dr. Aruna Vade, Dr. Edward Melian, Dr. Michael Racenstein, Dr. Carl Vyborny, Dr. Taylor Stroud, Dr. Ruth Ramsey, Dr. Gary Dillehay, Dr. Abrahman Dachman, Dr. Kate Feinstein, Dr. Leonard Berlin, Dr. Carl Kalbhen, substituting for Dr. Chawla is Dr. Alexander Nemeth representing the Residents Section.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 P.M. at The 500 Club at Rush Presbyterian Hospital.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of April 18, 2002 meeting were approved as submitted.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

The financial reports of April 2002 through June 30, 2002 were reviewed by Dr. Vade and subsequent to this the July 1, 2002 through September 30, 2002 financial report was presented and reviewed by Dr. Melian. Finances were as expected with exception of the golf outing as noted below.

Golf Outing Financial Report

Finances for the golf outing held June 27, 2002 at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort were reviewed. It was noted that in the past golf outings had tended to be either positive or negative by a few hundred dollars and that this year’s overall net total was believed to be to be a loss. Dr. Ramsey noted that in the past door prizes had been donated by corporations and other vendors rather than bought and that may explain the difference in the 2002 net total. Dr. Kalbhen felt there maybe still additional individual player checks that had yet to be received and might decrease the amount of loss.

CRS Meeting Location Report

Dr. Vade gave overview of the move of location from the Chicago Radiological Society’s meeting to Rush Presbyterian Hospital 500 Club. This move is hoped to decrease the expenses of the Society as the audiovisual equipment and dinner costs are somewhat lower at the new location. It is hoped that this will improve the financial standing of the Society over time.

Program Committee Report

Dr. Racenstein reviewed the speakers for this year. They are as listed in the programs. It was decided that the memorial award will be given Dr. Murray Delinka for his many years contribution and service to Radiology. All the speakers for this year’s meetings have reservations at the Merdian Hotel on Michigan Avenue.

Vendor Support

Dr. Vade announced that the resident section had obtained sponsors for three of their meetings at $500.00 per meeting. This will help defray cost for refreshments and room use for this meeting. Radiation oncology had obtained a sponsor for last year’s meeting of the spring and currently has sponsor for February’s meeting as well. At this time there were no sponsors for the diagnostic radiology speakers. Merle Hedland continues to search for vendor support as well.

Resident Section Report

The resident section report was reported by Dr. Alexander J. Nemeth substituting for Dr. Chawla who could not make it this evening. He reported that there were sponsors for three of their six meetings.The first is W.L. Gore and Associates for October, AGFA for November and Abbott has committed to a sponsorship for one of the meetings next year. Dr. Nemeth reported that Dr. Berlin will be speaking at the resident section today on how to avoid malpractice suits.

Illinois Radiological Society Report

Dr. Ramsey reported the College meeting will be held in the spring in Washington D.C. There will be a dinner held for the three new College fellowship recipients. Discussion was held as to date of this date and the decision was made to hold it on Monday the week of the conference.

Fellowship Committee Report

Dr. Gary Dillehay reported that three members had been accepted for induction into American College of Radiology Fellowship. These were Dr. Glen P. Glasgow, Ph.D., Dr. Kuhk Hong, M.D., and Dr. Richard N. Messersmith M.D. They will be inducted at the spring American College of Radiology meeting.

Old Business

There was no old business to conclude.

The meeting was then called adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Melian, M.D.

Dinner was served to 92 people. During dinner Dr. Vade addressed the diners welcoming them to the new season of the Chicago Radiological Society’s Meetings. After dinner, Dr. Ellen Mendelson of Northwestern University Medical School spoke on “Clinical Advances In Breast Sonography”. She was introduced by Dr. Peter Jokish of the RUSH Breast Imaging Center.

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