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January 17, 2002 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Anderson, Bahu, Dachman, Feinstein, Kalbhen, Korach, Laskey, Racenstein, Ramsey, Russell, Stull, Vade, Vijayakumar, and Vyborny

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Vyborny at 4:15 P.M. in the Council Room of the Standard Club.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

The minutes of the Nov. 15, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The financial reports of Nov. 1-Dec. 31, 2001 were reviewed. Income and expense items were as expected.

Program Committee Report

Dr. Edward Hendrick will be the main speaker for March 2002 CRS meeting instead of Dr. Etta Pisano. Dr Hendrick will speak on the topic of Update on Digital Mammography.

Golf Outing

Dr. Karna will put a registration form for 2002 CRS golf outing on the web site. The golf outing will be at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort in Lincolnshire on June 27, 2002.

Financial Support Report

Dr. Vyborny discussed making the CRS mailing list available to commercial entities. The ACR has provided a potential confidentiality statement for the use of such material. Dr. Vijayakumar will investigate book vendor support.

Illinois Radiological Society Report

Dr. Ramsey reported that the State Chapter Presidents meeting will be held in March in Washington, D.C. If there are any issues that need to be conveyed to the State Chapter Presidents meeting they may be addressed to Dr. Bertino or Dr. Ramsey.

An attending staff radiologist from each training program and a resident physician from the CRS resident executive committee will be elected to the Socio Economic Committee of the IRS.

The first annual scientific meeting of the IRS will be held at the Westin, River North, Chicago, IL on May 18-19, 2002.

Resident Section Report

Dr. Bahu reported that Dr. Casalino will speak on renal masses this afternoon.

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee will report the 2001-2002 slate at the February meeting.

Distinguished Service Award Committee

The Distinguished Service Award Committee has endorsed Dr. Robert Cavallino for this year's award. His selection was unanimously accepted by the Executive Committee.

CRS Web Site

Dr. Vyborny has written a letter to radiology chairmen of all community hospitals in the Chicago metropolitan area inviting them to link their department sites with the CRS web site. The potential for advertisements on the CRS web site was discussed and Dr. Vyborny will be reviewing the ACR and RSNA sites to see how they handle such advertisements. A number of documents from the archives of the Chicago Radiological Society will be posted at the web site in the months to come.

Medicare Fee Advisory Report

Dr. Anderson discussed changes in coding sequences related to Medicare.

Old Business

The upcoming CRS Executive Committee meetings will begin at 4:15 p.m.

New Business

The possibility of having local radiologists as the main speakers for the CRS scientific program in the future CRS meetings was discussed. The Executive Committee felt that there are a number of highly qualified speakers in the city.

Respectfully submitted,

Aruna Vade, M.D., FACR

Dinner was served to 66 people. Prior to dinner Dr. Vyborny held a moment of silence for Dr. Lawrence Lanzl, a pioneer in the science and profession of medical physics, who died on Dec. 23rd. Dr. Lanzl was a recent recipient of the Gold Medal of the Chicago Radiological Society. Dr. Vyborny conducted a brief business meeting. He then introduced Dr. Abraham Dachman, who introduced Dr. Edward Grant. Dr. Grant gave the Lecture "Clinical Applications of Contrast Agents in Sonography."

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