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January 16, 2003 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Dr. Aruna Vade, Dr. Michael Racenstein, Dr. Edward Melian, Dr. Kate Feinstein, Dr. Carl Kalbhen, Dr. Abraham Dachman, Dr. Margaret Stull, Dr. Jay Korach, Dr. John Hibbeln, Dr. Gary Dillehay, Dr. Thomas Anderson, Dr. Eric Russell, Dr. Ruth Ramsey, Dr. Harold Lasky, and Dr. Nandita Guha.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. at The 500 Club at Rush Presbyterian Hospital.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the November 14, 2002 meeting were approved.

President's Report

Dr. Vade reported the newly appointed chairmen of major teaching hospitals in the Chicago area were invited for tonight’s lecture for special recognition at the meeting.

Program Committee Report

The program committee report was given by Dr. Racenstein. He is investigating potential sponsorship by Medtronic Corporation for one of our speakers. Dr. Racenstein stated the entire program for all speakers through April is on the website and that Dr. Murray Dalinka will receive the Memorial Award at tonight’s meeting.

Resident Section Report

Dr. Guha reported that there will be a short presentation at the end of the Resident section lecture prior to the multi-modality section, given by Merrill Lynch the sponsor for the resident section meeting this evening.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

The financial report of November 1, 2002 through December 31, 2002 was presented and reviewed by Dr. Melian. It was noted that finances are improved from the past trends but that if costs continue to increase as expected the season ticket prices and dinner costs may need to be increased slightly in the next year.

American College of Radiology Report

Dr. Vade reported that the ACR was seeking councilors who would like to volunteer to serve on the Reference, Credentials and Tellers committees for the upcoming ACR meeting in May.

Illinois Radiological Society Report

ACR and IRS will sponsor 3 radiology residents for the annual meeting of the American College of Radiology to be held in May 2003 at Washington DC. Mr. Rick Carlton, director of Center of Medical Imaging and Bio-anthropology at Arkansas State University gave a presentation on the status of radiologist’s assistants in this country. He requested access to our membership database to do an independent research project on the current opinion of radiologists on the role and need for radiologist’s assistants. Drs. Anderson and Dillehay reviewed the history of non-physician practitioners in medicine such as nurse anesthetist and physician assistants for other specialties. Dr. Ruth Ramsey volunteered to check on the ACR current status and submit a resolution to the ACR to devise a study that evaluates the feasibility of the need for developing a radiologist’s assistant program for radiology technologists.

Fellowship Report

Dr. Dillehay reported that there had been four requests for fellowship applications materials.

Old Business

Dr. Feinstein noted that every two years the financial statements and treasury reports were to be reviewed by an accountant.

Having no further business the executive meeting adjourned at 5:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Melian, M.D.

Dinner was served to 106 people. During dinner Dr. Vade welcomed the group in attendance. She recognized the new chairpersons of the radiology departments in the Chicago metropolitan academic institutions; Dr. Richard Baron (University of Chicago Hospital), Dr. Mary Olson (Loyola University Medical Center), Dr. Eric Russell (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) and Dr. David Turner (Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital). Dr. Margaret Skull then introduced Dr. Murray Dalinka who spoke on MR of Bone Tumors. Dr. Vade presented the Memorial Award to Dr. Dalinka.

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