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Feb. 16, 2006 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Dr. Abraham Dachman, Dr. Carl Kalbhen, Dr. Jay Korach, Dr. Gretchen Conroy, Dr. Rodney Corby, Dr. John Hibbeln, Dr. Davide Bova, Dr. Leonard Bok, Dr. Thomas Anderson, Dr. Leonard Berlin, Dr. Kate Feinstein, Dr. Edward Melian, Dr. Ruth Ramsey, Dr. Aruna Vade and Mr. Merle Hedland.

The meeting was called to order at 4:20 PM at The 500 Club of Rush University Medical Center.

The minutes from the January 19, 2006 meeting were approved.

Dr. Conroy stated that tonight’s Resident and Fellow Section speaker will be Dr. Hector Ferral from Rush University who will be giving a presentation on Interventional Radiology. There are three available Resident Delegate positions for the 2006 ACR Meeting in Washington, DC, but only one position has been filled to date. An attempt will be made to find two additional interested Chicago area residents. The Resident and Fellow Section elections will take place at the April CRS meeting.

Dr. Dachman reminded the Executive Committee that the February meeting is the first with a new modification to the standard schedule. The Business Meeting will start earlier than typical, near the end of dinner, with the Featured Speaker presentation then beginning during dessert. Following a break, the new Board Review Session will begin. Dr. Kate Feinstein of the University of Chicago has graciously agreed on short notice to be the first speaker for the Board Review Session, and she will be presenting Pediatric Board Review cases. As February is traditionally the CRS meeting with the lowest attendance, the fact that registration is similar to that of the January meeting suggests resident interest in this new Board Review Session.
Dr. Dachman also reminded everyone not to come to Rush for the March CRS meeting, as this meeting will take place at Northwestern University as part of the two day combined IRS/CRS/CIRS Annual Meeting and Breast Symposium that all CRS members can attend free of charge.

The list of Breakout Session speakers for tonight’s meeting was given. Drs. Bova and Pierce from Loyola will be moderating the Multimodality Session, Dr. Walker from Northwestern the Neuroradiology Session, Drs. Vade and Lim-Dunham from Loyola the Pediatric Radiology Session, Dr. Mendelson from Northwestern the Breast Imaging Session and Dr. Lujan from Northwestern the Radiation Oncology Session. Tonight’s Featured Speaker, Dr. N. Reed Dunnick from the University of Michigan, will give a talk on “Abdominal Trauma” and be the recipient of the CRS Memorial Lecture Award for 2005-06.

Dr. James Provenzale from Duke University will be replacing Dr. Anne Osborn as the April Featured Speaker. Dr. Provenzale will lecture on “Imaging of Stroke, Including Diffusion and Perfusion”. Dr. Korach is actively working on the 2006-07 program, with Drs. David Bluemke and David Naidich preliminarily agreeing to be Features Speakers. The possibility of selecting a speaker from the ACR Speakers Bureau was discussed as well. It is likely that the March 2007 meeting will be a combined IRS/CRS/CIRS Meeting and Symposium as is the March 2006 meeting.

Dr. Kalbhen gave the Financial Report for November and December, 2005; revenue and expense items were as expected, with the Society’s finances remaining strong. Dr. Kalbhen had spoken with Dr. Patrick Dunn, Chair of Radiology at Stroger Hospital of Cook County, about the budget cuts that no longer allow the Stroger Radiology Department to pay for their residents to attend the CRS dinners. These cuts are permanent, and, after discussion with 500 Club staff and the Executive Committee, no workable plan to allow the Stroger residents to attend the dinners at a discounted rate could be found.

Dr. Kalbhen has also been in contact with Dr. Moss regarding the plan for him to receive the 2005-06 CRS Distinguished Service Award at the April meeting. His original choice for presenter, Dr. Leonard Berlin, will not be available, and Dr. Moss has requested that someone from the Executive Committee present him with the Gold Medal instead. This will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Dr. Vade gave the recommended slate of Officers and Trustees for 2006-07: President, Dr. Carl Kalbhen; Program Committee Chair and President-Elect, Dr. Jay Korach; Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President, Dr. John Hibbeln; 4th Year Trustees, Drs. Ellen Mendelson and Edward Michals; 3rd Year Trustee, Dr. Davide Bova; 2nd Year Trustee, Dr. Leonard Bok; and 1st Year Trustees, Drs. William Small and Jennifer Lim-Dunham.

The deadline for the receipt of applications for ACR fellowship for 2006 is March 1. To date, two Illinois radiologists have applied.

The combined IRS/CRS/CIRS Annual Meeting and Breast Symposium will take place Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17, 2006, at Northwestern University. As the IRS is coordinating all expenses, it was decided that the CRS would reimburse the IRS for Dr. Kopans’ CRS Honorarium and a portion of his travel expenses once the exact dollar amounts have been determined.

The possibility of routinely obtaining CME at CRS meetings was investigated. Dr. Kalbhen’s hospital, Northwest Community, was not willing to provide it on a routine basis. Dr. Hibbeln looked extensively into the possibility of his institution, Rush University, providing it. There are application fees and paperwork involved, but this may not be insurmountable. Mr. Merle Hedland, who has used the CMS to sponsor CME in the past (including the upcoming combined Symposium), will look into this as well.

Dr. Melian reported that MedImmune with be sponsoring the April Radiation Oncology speaker for $1500.

Having no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Kalbhen, MD

Dinner was served to 73 people. Following a short business meeting, Dr. Helena Gabriel of Northwestern University introduced Dr. Dunnick who gave a lecture entitled “Abdominal Trauma”. Following Dr. Dunnick’s lecture, he was presented with the Chicago Radiological Society’s Memorial Lecture Award, given each year to the Featured Speaker considered most deserving.

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