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About the Chicago Radiological Society

Who We Are: A brief description of the Society, including its mission and makeup.

Membership: Details about becoming a member of the Chicago Radiological Society and its parent organization, the American College of Radiology.

Minutes: A collection of CRS Executive Board minutes from 2007–2012.

Bylaws: The Society’s complete bylaws.

Awards: Descriptions and lists of past recipients of the Grubbe Memorial Award and the Distinguished Service Award, plus the Lasky Annual Oration.


  • Past Presidents: See who ran CRS from 1913 to the present day.
  • Past Speakers: Peruse the list of featured speakers who presented at CRS meetings from 1985 to 2012.
  • Narratives: Contains links to various written accounts of events, people and organizations prominent in the field of radiology in Illinois.
  • Archives: View copies of documents that chronicle important moments in the Society’s history, such as the Formation of the Resident Physician Section.
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