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Organization of the Chicago Radiological Society (CRS) Resident and Fellow Section (RFS)

Approved by CRS Executive Commtitee 11–16–11

Operating procedures of the CRS RFS

Position Descriptions:

RFS Executive Committee is composed of the following trainees (i.e. residents or fellows):

President: Oversees the RFS section of the CRS.  Presents updates at each of the CRS Executive Committee meetings.

Vice President/President elect: Presents to the CRS Executive Committee when the president is not available. Serves as technology specialist by promoting the CRS web presence and assisting speakers with AV needs. Automatically ascends to President the following year.

Program Director: Arranges speakers for the Resident Review Session. The RFS Program director may also work with the CRS program director to schedule breakout session speakers. This is a one-year position.

Treasurer: Arranges sponsors for each meeting's Resident Review Session.  This is a one-year position.


Delegates: One delegate is to be appointed by each Chicago metropolitan area institution’s diagnostic radiology training program, radiation oncology training program and nuclear medicine training program. The delegate will serve as a liaison between the CRS and his/her respective training program. This is a one year position.

Alternate Delegates: Takes the place of the Delegate in his/her absence. The alternate delegate is also appointed by his/her respective training program. This is a one-year position.

Appointment of the Delegate and the Alternate will be determined by each institution by each institution’s program director.

Election Rules and Regulations:

  1. Elections will be held at one of the last CRS meetings of each academic year.  Absentee votes are allowed in advance of the meeting and via e-mail only.
  2. All radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology trainees from the Chicago metropolitan area who have attended at least one meeting in the current academic year are eligible to vote.
  3. Candidates running for one of the three elected officer positions  (Vice President-President Elect, Program Director, and Treasurer) must currently be a Delegate or Alternate Delegate, or currently hold an officer position, and must have attended a minimum of 3 meetings in the current academic year.
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