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CRS Featured Speakers 2010–1985  



David Rubin, MD 4/10 Advanced imaging of inflammatory arthritis
Sharon Byrd, MD 2/10 MRI of the fetal brain, spine, and head and neck
Reed Dunnick, MD  1/10 Adding value in radiology: Skating to where the puck is going to be
Richard Gunderman, MD 11/09 How can radiologists enhance resilience in tough times?
Richard Cooper, MD 10/09 Male mammography
Sundeep Nayak, MD 4/09 PET CT of the neck
Thomas Hoffman 2/09 Why the ACR matters
David Casalino, MD 1/09 GU Imaging
Keith Thulborn, MD 11/08 Advanced MR imaging of brain neoplasms
G. Scott Stacy, MD 10/08 Imaging of soft tissue tumors
Rich Cohan, MD 4/08  
Michael Huckman, MD 2/08

Imaging of dementing illnesses

Todd Blodgett, MD 1/08 Clinical applications of PET CT in oncology
Lynn Broderick, MD 11/07 Imaging of the tracheobronchial tree
Jill Jacobs, MD 10/07 Cardiac CT angiography
Paul Chang, MD 4/07  
Marty Lazarus, MD 2/07 MRI of sports injuries
Brian Mullan, MD 1/07 Chest
Ruth Ramsey, MD 11/06  
David Bluemke, MD, PHD 10/06 Cardiac imaging with MRI and CT
Ann Osborne, MD 4/06 MRI stroke update
Reed Dunnick, MD 2/06 Abdominal trauma
Frank Miller, MD 1/06

New advances in abdominal MRI

Emanuel Kanal, MD 11/05 MRI safety
Robert Pugatch, MD 10/05 Thoracic lymphadenopathy
James G. Smirniotopoulos, MD 4/05  
Jay Cinnamon, MD 3/05  
Abraham H. Dachman, MD 2/05  
David A. Turner, MD 1/05  
Marnix T. van Holsbeeck, MD 11/04  
Bruce J. Hillman, MD 10/04  
B. J. Manaster, MD 4/04  
Carolyn Meltzer, MD 3/04  
Eric Russell, MD 2/04  
David S. Channin, MD 1/04  
Richard Baron, MD 11/03  
Valerie Jackson, MD 10/03  
Pablo Ros, MD 4/03  
Robert Schmidt, MD 3/03  
Stuart Sagel, MD 2/03  
Murray Dalinka, MD 1/03  
Elliot Fishman, MD 11/02  
Ellen Mendelson, MD 10/02  
Melissa L. Rosado de Christenson, MD 4/02  
Etta Pisano, MD 3/02  
Javier Beltran, MD 2/02  
Edward G. Grant, MD 1/02  
Mary E Jensen, MD 11/01  
Harvey L. Neiman, MD 10/01  
Wendy R. Smoker, MD 4/00  
Amy S. Thurmond, MD 3/00  
David C. Levin, MD 2/00  
Marc S. Levine, MD 1/00  
Stuart G. Mirvis, MD 11/99  
Clyde A. Helms, MD 10/99  
Richard Gore, MD 5/99  
Robert Zimmerman, MD 4/99  
Vincent Ho, MD 3/99  
Laurence Needleman, MD 1/99  
Multiple Local Speakers 11/98  
Ella Kazerooni, MD 10/98  
Marc J. Homer, MD 5/98  
Matthew A. Mauro, MD 4/98  
David W. Stoller, MD 3/98  
Tim Saunders 1/98  
H. Paul Satten, Jr., MD 11/97  
Joseph T. Ferrucci, Jr.MD 10/97  
Richard Baum, MD 5/97  
Beryl Benacerraf, MD 4/97  
Robert Pugatch, MD 3/97  
Laurena V. Ackerman, MD 1/97  
Ronald G. Evens, MD 11/96  
George Bisset, MD 10/96  
Lawrence R. Goodman, MD 5/96  
Mark J. Kransdorf, MD 4/96  
Lee F. Rogers, MD 3/96  
N. Reed Dunnick, MD 1/96  
Glenn Forbes, MD 11/95  
Thomas Herle, MD 10/95  
Gordon McLean, MD 4/95  
Robert Zeman, MD 3/95  
Stanley Goldsmith, MD 2/95  
Anthony Proto, MD 1/95  
Kenyon Kopecky, MD 11/94  
Hugh Curtin, MD 10/94  
Ellen Mendelson, MD 4/94  
Ronald Eisenberg, MD 3/94  
Paul Kleinman, MD 2/94  
Scott Atlas, MD 1/94  
Thomas Lawson, MD 11/93  
E. Robert Heitzman, MD 10/93  
Peter Callen, MD 4/93  
Steven H. Parker, MD 3/93  
Arina Van Breda, MD 2/93  
Thomas Naidich, MD 1/93  
Igor Laufer, MD 11/92  
Kenneth Krabbenhoft, MD 10/92  
Cancelled by “Great Chicago Flood” 4/92  
Philip Corboy, JD 3/92  
Michael Brandt-Zawadski, MD 2/92  
Harvey Neiman, MD 1/92  
James Thrall, MD 11/91  
Charles E. Putman, MD 10/91  
Donald Resnick, MD 4/91  
Robert Zimmerman, MD 3/91  
Thomas Naidich, MD 2/91  
Leonard Swischuk, MD 1/91  
Robert McLelland, MD 11/90  
Robert White, MD 10/90  
Barry Goldberg, MD 4/90  
Joseph K. T. Lee, MD 3/90  
Jerrold Mink, MD 2/90  
William Casarella, MD 1/90  
Wende Logan Young, MD 11/89  
Anne Osborn, MD 10/89  
Roy Filly, MD 4/89  
Jerald Kuhn, MD 3/89  
Alan Davidson, MD 2/89  
Bruce McClennan, MD 1/89  
Michael Modic, MD 11/88  
Kurt Amplatz, MD 10/88  
Benjamen Felson, MD 4/88  
Peter M. Som, MD 3/88  
John E. Madewell, MD 2/88  
Fred Lee, MD 1/88  
Michael P. Federle, MD 11/87  
Stanley Baum, MD 10/87  
Robert A. Zimmerman, MD 4/87  
William Martel, MD 3/87  
David S. Hartman, MD 2/87  
Gary M. Glazer, MD 1/87  
Myron Moskowitz, MD 11/86  
Stanley Siegelman, MD 10/86  
Myron Moskowitz, MD 4/86  
Charles Higgins, MD 3/86  
Joseph T. Ferrucci, Jr., MD 2/86  
John Sty, MD 1/86  
Donald Resnick, MD 11/85  
Juan Taveras, MD 10/85  
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