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President’s Letter to CRS Members

It is my pleasure to welcome and invite the entire “Chicagoland” diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy community to participate in the 2005-6 Chicago Radiological Society (CRS) meetings and activities.

The CRS and the Central Illinois Radiological Society (CIRS) are the local chapters of the statewide Illinois Radiological Society (IRS) and part of the larger American College of Radiology (ACR). Radiologists and radiation therapists who participate regularly in our meetings appreciate the educational, political and social value that our six yearly meetings offer. I urge you to encourage your colleagues who do not participate to attend one or more meetings each year. Our efforts benefit all radiologists locally and nationally. For example, last year an ad hoc committee on mammography lobbied BC/BS locally for reimbursement of breast MRI when ordered for cancer staging; I testified before the U.S. Senate regarding reimbursement for CT Colonography and CRS members worked through the IRS and ACR on tort reform and other lobbying efforts on your behalf. Chicago’s delegates to the ACR normally gain experience by participation in local CRS activities. If area radiologists and radiation therapists are unable to participate by attending CRS meetings they should consider contributing monetarily to RADPACS (See the “advocacy” link on the ACR web site).

Our Program Committee, under the leadership of Jay Korach, has put together a fantastic program. I thank Janet Kalbhen for constructing and maintaining the web site. On our web site you can find a history of the CRS, meeting minutes, contact information, program information, season ticket information and valuable links to other radiology web sites. I encourage you to visit it as well as the IRS site.

This year’s program is unique in that the March 16, 2006 meeting will be a joint IRS/CRS/CIRS Educational Symposium and Annual Meeting to be held at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Feinberg Pavilion Conference Center, instead of the customary location at Rush. Key topics for the meeting include socioeconomic issues and a Breast Symposium. Please take advantage of the extended combined program which runs from 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon and the entire day on Friday. Mark your calendar to maximize participation in the meeting. If you practice in an academic setting, please remind your radiology and radiation oncology residents that the IRS Steven M. Pinsky Resident Award competition for best presentation will take place at that meeting on Thursday afternoon. See the IRS web site link to “awards” for the guidelines.

Also note that the November 16, 2005 meeting at the Rush Searle Conference Center is on a Wednesday whereas all the other meetings are on a Thursday as usual.

Anyone seeking to participate more actively in CRS should feel free to contact me by phone or email. The Executive Committee welcomes your participation and your ideas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the former CRS presidents, the Executive Committee, the Trustees, the former and current support staff and Merle Hedland for their advice and continued support for and participation in CRS.

I would also like to thank all of you who participated in the hurricane Katrina relief efforts for the New Orleans and Gulf area, many of which were conducted by organized medicine and by several radiology organizations including the ACR. Those of you who are looking for ways to help through organized radiology can contribute via a link on the ACR web site.


Abraham H. Dachman, MD, FACR
Chicago Radiological Society

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